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My book

Your Dream Mother

Making Peace with Your True Self by Rethinking Your Relationship with Your Mother


Does your mother anger, confuse, hurt, sadden, or disappoint you?

Have you ever had thoughts like: “She doesn’t care about me,” “She doesn’t understand me,” “She loves my brother/sister more than she loves me,” “She should support me,” “She ruined my life,” “She is selfish, a narcissist, a gaslighter”?

Your Dream Mother is an invitation to go on a journey of self-discovery and gain a deeper understanding of who you are beyond the identity that was created around your mother. Wouldn’t you like to know who you would be without your story of your mother? What would your life be like?

Your Dream Mother_27_1 version.jpg

Combining Behavioral Sciences research methods and Byron Katie's teachings of The Work, Nurit Asnash has put together the wisdom of people practicing The Work on their mother. From casual, daily interactions to scenes of violence, you’ll get a fresh perspective on the dynamics played in sibling rivalry, the mother-father-child love triangle, role switching, parental children, and more.

This book offers eye-opening insights about the mother-child attachment and what the dependence on your mother’s love, approval, and appreciation does to you. It shows you a way to be free.

The magic and brilliance of The Work of Byron Katie lies in its simplicity – it’s only four questions and turnarounds. Anyone can do it.

*The first edition of this book came out in June 2021 under the title Judge Your Mother.


Praise for "Your Dream Mother" by The Work facilitators:

"We move in the world with criticism, guilt, anger and confusion. Inquiry is helping us to dismantle and free ourselves but at the base, we will always find the mother. No matter what. How brave you are, Nurit, to look straight at the root. Bravo."

"Highly recommended – an excellent book for those who want to go deeper in The Work."

"This is a great book. It gives insights on facilitating and reading other people’s Work helps you in your own work on relationship with your mother."

"Nurit Asnash gives valuable information and comments on doing The Work. I think the book is a great complement to other literature on The Work."

"I am enjoying reading it. Read about the Turnaround to the role today. This is new for me and I can see how this is supportive and can help me learn more about myself. I’m glad you wrote it. Good work."

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