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1-on-1 private sessions

“Judge your neighbor, write it down, ask four questions, turn it around.”

Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie

The Work is a deep, ongoing process of self-realization. It’s a meditative practice. More than a technique, it is a way of thinking and living.


The Work is a way to…

- Stop wanting or needing the world to change so you can be happy.

- Notice when your thoughts oppose reality and cause you stress and suffering in life.

- Become aware when you are telling yourself a story that is not true to you.

- End the arguing and fighting with life.


1-on-1 private sessions

It's the truth that sets us free.

The Work is about self-discovery and self-realization. It's the way to end one's suffering in life. (Suffering = sadness, anger, despair, confusion, depression, anxiety... All those emotions we usually want to get rid of.)

We can do The Work on anything and anyone that stresses you out:

Mother, father, brother, sister, self, partner, children, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, colleagues, etc...

And on any topic like love, health/illness, body, work and career, racism, religion... Anything we think about is worthy on inquiry.

Sessions are done remotely (on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger).

1-hour $90

1.5-hours $130

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