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A lil' bit about me

For thirty years I've been on a journey to find joy, peace of mind, and self-love. Throughout the years, I have studied and practiced a variety of therapy and healing methods on my quest for a happy mind and a healthy body.

I started as a teacher assistant and researcher in Psychology, Social Work, and Behavioral Sciences departments at the university where I studied for my bachelor and master's degrees. Later on, I expanded my interest to other mind-body practices including Integrative Medicine.

(I studied and practiced anything that seemed to have a potential to help me and others heal like Reiki, Reflexology, Family Constellation, cooking, food and nutrition, Pilates...)


When I finally heard about The Work of Byron Katie, I immediately knew that I had found what I was looking for.

The Work helped me find the freedom I was seeking for decades.

I invite you to free your mind with me. Let's do The Work.



As a multipotentialite, I own many skills and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

In the past twenty years I've also been a personal chef and held different hats in the food biz (including writing, photography, recipe development, food styling). I've been a (rock) concert producer and community event initiator and organizer.

In my spare time I enjoy studying, reading, cooking, baking, photography, traveling around the world, and, of course, practicing The Work.

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